Convert my "Sign-in with Google" Account to Username + Password

I created my account by logging in with Google. I want to convert it to an email+password account. This should be possible:

However when I confirm my new email it asks for my password, which makes no sense. Reset password also doesn’t work - it redirected me to sign up for a new account.

Is this possible?

Here is how I managed to assign a password to a Google linked account.

I had an administrator login to the Administration page. Under the Users section, find and select the appropriate user profile. On the top right of the user profile page, click on the … menu and select “Prompt reset password”.


The user will receive a link by email allowing them to enter a new password without needing to enter the old password.

The account is still linked to Google but is now able to login using the email and password without going through Google.

Note that for this function to be active the target user cannot be a Site Admin.