Create a request and set priority - there is nothing about priority. Can I set it?

Actually I even can’t find a way to change priority of a request at all though the API.

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Hi @evmorov,

These are the available field formats you can update. I have not yet tried setting the priority, but I think you can, you just need to see the values and how you should be forming your json.

What I could suggest is, but this more of a hack than a solution:

  1. Invoke the /rest/api/latest/issue/createmeta endpoint to see which issues are available or go straight to /rest/api/latest/field to see which fields are available
  2. Try to compare it with this
  3. Or try to /rest/api/latest/issue/<ISSUE_ID> of a JSD issue to get a feel of the key and value format not just for priority, but for the other fields as well.
  4. Test it in:
     "requestFieldValues": {
        "summary": "Request JSD help via REST",
        "description": "I need a new *mouse* for my Mac",

Or follow this: but that won’t be using JSD’s endpoint.

Hope that helped.

Anne Calantog

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