Creating an integration app for Atlassian cloud products


I am trying to create an integration app for Atlassian cloud products, specifically Jira, Trello and Confluence. I was wondering if I can create a single app for this, or do I need to create a separate apps for the 3 products.

I will be using OAuth to authorize the app, since I need the integration feature to reside in our app rather than on Atlassian products( connect apps)

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the developer community, @AkankshNarayana.

From the perspective of each of the products (Jira, Trello, and Confluence), there will be at least 2 different Apps. Trello’s OAuth is currently managed separately from Jira and Confluence.

Thanks for welcoming me to the community and for the quick response @ibuchanan.

So I can create a single app to support both Jira and Confluence. Would I be able to access the endpoints of Jira Software Cloud and Jira service management Cloud using the same app? I was just curious since they have seperate guides.

Would I need to create seperate apps if I want to support Bitbucket, Statuspage, and Opsgenie too?. My use case is to create an app(or several) to support these Atlassian cloud products.

Thanks in advance.


The same OAuth client can be used for both Confluence and Jira. Depending on what you need to access, a significant limitation to OAuth is that Jira Software APIs (like boards, sprints, and development information) are not covered by 3LO. All of Jira Service Management is fine for the same client.

Trello provides one OAuth strategy. Bitbucket has yet another OAuth implementation so it requires a different client identification (from both Trello and Jira/Confluence). Statuspage and Opsgenie each have their own implementation of API tokens/keys so one client for each.

5 different sets of credentials to manage on your side. 3 different OAuth implementations with slightly different quirks, and 2 different kinds of API tokens with different authorization headers. If only we had some JWT to throw into the mix somewhere? (Seriously, some of those do use JWT inside of OAuth). When you finish, you’ll be an API security expert! :1st_place_medal:

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