Custom Content and Sidebar support

I am attempting to get a hierarchy of custom content showing in the left Sidebar. Blogs and Pages appear to support the ability to show parent child hierarchies in this bar but for custom content (see below)?

The sidebar takes up a huge amount of screen space which means that when I view my custom content I do not have room to add my own left navigation structure without compromises.

Does the Sidebar support showing custom content hierarchies? Either via an API to control it or implied support by inspecting content hierarchies…
if not…
Could the Sidebar be programatically collapsed / hidden by a Cloud Connect Plugin? (So I can render another Sidebar (type thing) with the correct nav structure for my content type?)

"customContent": [
        "key": "example",
        "name": {
          "value": "Examples"
        "uiSupport": {
          "contentViewComponent": {
            "moduleKey": "example-viewer"
          "icons": {
            "item": {
              "url": "/images/example.png"
        "breadcrumbs": {
        "relations": [
             "name": "relatesTo"
        "apiSupport": {
          "bodyType": "raw",
          "supportedContainerTypes": [
          "supportedChildTypes": ["attachment", "comment", "ac:x:example"]
        "indexing" : {
          "enabled" : false