Is it possible to declare custom content but not have it on the sidebar as an option?

Is it possible to declare custom content and have it not show up in the app sidebar or be disabled by default?

Custom Content UI Support seems to be a required property and when declared it appears to show up on the sidebar.

Here is a similar question but not answered:

The real problem is we want to define more than more custom items but not have them all displayed on the sidebar.

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Hi @AlwynWong, thanks for reaching out with this question.

Once Custom Content with “space” container type is registered on the site the link to view a list of this custom content appears on the sidebar. There is no way to hide it by default, only space admins can do this with the “Edit space apps” dialog.

However, we are currently preparing to release custom content with Forge. And by default, custom content registered with Forge won’t show a link in the sidebar.


@OleksandrBeztsinnyi - is there any reason why Forge will be treated differently here than connect?

@ademoss For Custom Content registered with Connect we have a logic that automatically creates a WebLink in the sidebar. We don’t change it as it would be a breaking change and have a different user experience.

For Forge, we give this option to a developer and they can create a new confluence:spacePage module for this purpose.