Delay in MPAC for newly published app version

I’ve noticed, starting several months ago, that when I publish a new version of one of my P2 plugins for Confluence it takes several hours, sometimes a day, for the new version to be noticeable by the UPM on a Confluence Server. After it is noticeable then an admin can simply use their “Update” button to upgrade the app.

I have opened a few AMKTHELP tickets for the issue but so far no problems have been found in the service that is handling this feature.

This process of the UPM noticing a newly published version used to be nearly instantaneous… maybe a few minutes delay.

Can someone look into it? Maybe some scheduled job got adjusted? The current delay is too long. I like to fix a bug fast, test it, release it, and tell the customer to upgrade. If I have to add instructions to tell them that the newly published version is there and they can manually download it if they look for it in MPAC then that is no fun. I’d like them to just open the UPM and click the “Update” button without any instructions from me.


Ture Hoefner