Developer Day 2021 Registration Is Live

:wave: Hey there Atlassian Developers,

After a fun (and successful :partying_face: ) Developer Day in November, we’ve decided to host another one. This time, Developer Day will focus on ways to scale Forge and cater very specifically to our Marketplace partners who are starting to build Forge apps.

On May 25 (CEST), Developer Day attendees will have the opportunity to hear from the team that built Forge, see its advanced capabilities and what we’ve been up to since we last met, and hear from others who’ve been on this journey with us.

:white_check_mark: Register here!


Hi @bentley ,
it looks like Marketplace partners cannot register, because we get this error when submitting:

Attendee type
Attendee Type cannot be blank.

And yet, the attendee type cannot be selected.


We’re digging into it. Will let you know when we figure out what is up.

Can you give it a try now?

Works now, thanks!


Registered! Looking forward to the event. :pray:

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