May Community Welcome and Updates

No, May didn’t just start, I’m just living my life on a two week delay :sweat_smile:. May is very much underway and so here is the monthly update!

Hello new Developer Community members!

Hello new Developer Community members! :rocket: 371 intrepid developers signed up in April. If you’re new, feel free to reply to this topic and introduce yourself. We’d love to hear about who you are what you’re working on.

Developer Day 2021

It’s just around the corner! The agenda is packed with some solid, Forge-focused content. I’ve had a chance to watch early cuts of the content and everything looks :100: so far. All of the content will be available on-demand after the event, but I’ll call out that the AMA with panelists is live–so be sure to tune in and bring your questions!

And while you’re at it, check out some of the other great events we have queued up for this month.

Community Highlights

A lot of good stuff on Developer Community over the last month, but we want to take a second to highlight some of the content that deserves a bit of :sparkles: and :revolving_hearts:!

Top Contributors

The Developer Community is only as good as the folks posting new topics and answering questions. So let us take a second to recognize the individuals on here helping answer questions and contributing to conversations.

The following folks were the top first repliers last month:

And we want to give a nod to those Atlassians who hopped on and partook in conversations. Shout out to the following top topic first repliers from Atlassian:

And a nod to the Developer Experience team members doing the same:

Top Topics

And now for the :hot_pepper: and :nail_care:. A lot of good things to read from April. Here are some of the most viewed topics and most liked posts.


@bentley - aw, it’s nice to be acknowledged. :wave:

Looking forward to Developer Day, and to getting my hands dirty with more Forge development!