Enhancements to our ecosystem roadmap for developers!

Hi Developer Community,

In August 2020, we announced the revival of our Public Ecosystem Roadmap in Trello. The goal of this roadmap is to bring more visibility into our plans across Atlassian ecosystem teams to you, the Marketplace Partners and developers making dependent business decisions. This roadmap encompasses details across our Ecosystem Platform (Connect + Forge), Ecosystem Product (Jira + Confluence), Atlassian Marketplace and Migrations Platform teams. Thank you to those who have been visiting the roadmap, upvoting on cards and providing feedback. For those who haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to see what’s planned for the near term and what’s on our backlog.

Take me to the Trello board!

Recent improvements

We’re hearing consistently that we can do more to increase the visibility into our planned work. In the last 3 months, we’ve made a few improvements to the roadmap to help in this area:

  • Added roadmap visibility for Security
  • Added Target Delivery Month for items “In Progress”
  • Added Target Delivery Quarter for items “Up Next”
  • Added relevant MIG (migration project in JAC) issues for Migrations Enablement work
  • Cleared up confusion for cards with the label Platform . We now have labels for Developer Platform (Connect, Forge, 3LO), Forge, and Atlassian Cloud Platform.


Questions and comments on the roadmap can be asked in our Developer Community, community.developer.atlassian.com, in the respective category. And you can use the Trello voting Power-up to let us know which product efforts will have the greatest benefit for you. We encourage you to Watch the board to get all the latest changes directly in your inbox.

You can visit the “Start Here” column in the Trello Roadmap to find where to report bugs and give feedback for each respective category.


We’re sharing the information on this roadmap to give you insight into some of Atlassian’s plans for the ecosystem over the next 6 months. The development, release, and timing of all products, features, and functionality will be made at Atlassian’s sole discretion and is subject to change. We can’t promise that everything will ship as originally envisioned, but we can promise that this roadmap will be updated on by the 30th of every month so that you are informed.

Provide feedback in comments below!

We’re seeking feedback to understand how we can improve the next iteration of this roadmap. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom of this post to let us know what’s working well and how we can improve the visibility, level of detail and mechanism we’re using to share our plans.


JoJo Robyn

Senior Program Manager, Atlassian Marketplace Partner Programs


@jrobyn - hi JoJo! :wave: I can see the board, but I can’t vote on any cards. (I can only Copy/Watch/Share.) Any suggestions? Appreciate any help!

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Hi @DaveLiao can you try to join the board and let me know if that enables voting permissions for you? Cheers.

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Hi @jrobyn, the problem seems to be more systemic: I’ve been using voting just fine for months after the board has been made available, but this stopped working quite some time ago already (as in several months). I figured that you might just not want us to vote anymore after the beta, but now it sounds more like a regression? Cheers!

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I tried before, and tried again - no dice. I don’t think I can join your workspace? I’m logged into Trello, but no luck joining the board.

Thanks @sopel and @DaveLiao for bringing this to my attention. I am looking into the issue and will get back to you!

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i just wanted to add that I have the same problem with voting : i cannot vote, I can only see who voted for a specific card, for example:

Let me know if you can help and correct this.


Hi @dusan.spaic @DaveLiao @sopel
I’ve created a link so that you can join the board and become a member. This should enable voting permissions for you. Can you give this a try? If it works, I will amend this post and surface the invitation link for other partners. Thanks in advance!

Click to join Public Developer Roadmap in Trello board!

Thanks @jrobyn, unfortunately this does not seem to work either:

Just to encircle the issue (Trello amateur here, so feel free to ignore): Why do we have to join this public board now, given voting seemingly worked just fine without initially, i.e. sounds like voting permissions have been changed one way or another?

@sopel I’d like to limit voting to the developer community members and not just anyone in the public, wanted to try this other workaround first.


Hi @sopel @dusan.spaic @DaveLiao please try again, voting permissions should now be enabled.


Success, I can vote on cards! (I’ll use my powers for Good, don’t worry.)


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