Why are migrating customers choosing to keep some apps and not others? What app assessment is telling us so far

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According to Gartner, 80% of enterprise workloads will shift to the cloud by 2025. At Atlassian, 95% of new customers choose cloud. And as more customers decide to make the move to our SaaS offering, server and Data Center customers must decide how they’ll use apps in cloud.

How can Marketplace Partners ensure apps remain must-haves in cloud? What factors influence the likelihood of a customer to keep an app in cloud?

To answer these questions, we analyzed 20,000 customer decisions within the app assessment phase of Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistants. Here are 7 things that Marketplace Partners should know about migrations, with tips on how to ensure customers keep your apps when they move to cloud.

We analyzed customer intention to keep apps during migration planning based on which apps were marked as ‘needed’ in their app assessment data

1. First things first, on-premise apps that have a cloud version are 6x more likely to be marked as ‘needed’ during cloud migration planning, compared to apps without cloud versions.

Tip: Customers are using our app assessment tool to identify which apps are needed in cloud, which sets the scope of their app data migration. It may seem obvious, but with thousands of assessments happening monthly, there’s no better time to ensure that your app has a cloud version that customers can discover while planning their migrations.

2. Use of app assessment within the Cloud Migration Assistants is accelerating.

Tip: Ensure your Marketplace listing is up to date with correct pricing, support contact information and more. Take advantage of Atlassian’s Marketplace migration API’s that enable you to surface even more information such as separate app listings, migration path documentation, Cloud Migration Assistant compatibility, and feature difference documentation.

3. Apps with a migration path are 25% more likely to be kept on cloud.

Tip 1: Surface your migration path documentation to customers during app assessment using the Marketplace migration API’s. Create migration path documentation regardless of the type of path available and check out our guide on factors to consider when doing so.

Tip 2: Migrations can be complicated, so why not automate? We’ve launched a new platform enabling Marketplace Partners to build frictionless migration paths for customers using the Cloud Migration Assistants. To get started using the platform, see our developer documentation.

4. When customers pay for an on-premise app, they’re 2x more likely to keep that app on cloud.

Tip: If you need to prioritize cloud app development, focus on your highest value apps first. Paying server customers are more likely to land in a paid version of your cloud app.

Even when customers select an app as ‘needed’ in app assessment, actual installation is lower for apps without a migration path (31%) than those that can be migrated (50%).

5. The more an app is used on-premise, the more likely it is to be kept on cloud.

Tip: Consider responding to user feedback or inviting reviews to drive engagement and usage. Apps that are actively used by customers are much more likely to be retained in a migration.

6. Apps offering a loyalty discount are 20% more likely to be kept in cloud.

Tip: Apps that align to Atlassian’s pricing strategy are more likely to be retained in cloud. Opting into loyalty discounting is an easy way to do that. Here’s how to opt-in. For smaller customers, we recommend using Cloud Promo codes to help customers avoid double paying during their migration.

7. Apps participating in Atlassian’s security program are 13% more likely to be kept on cloud.

Tip: Participating in Atlassian’s cloud app security program sends a signal to customers that you understand security needs in cloud and have invested in meeting them.
Here’s how to participate.

Ready to drive customer loyalty today? Let me know if you have any questions on resources or participation for the above programs by commenting in thread.

JoJo Robyn
Senior Program Manager, Atlassian Marketplace Partner Programs

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