A fond adieu to the ecosystem

Hello ecosystem,

I am posting to let everyone know that I am leaving Atlassian, with Thursday, April 15th being my last day.

This was an extremely difficult decision for me to make. We have built a fantastic Marketplace program team dedicated on serving all of you, our dedicated, creative, energetic Marketplace partners, who have worked tirelessly to raise the visibility of the Marketplace persona within Atlassian. And I only saw more investment and alignment to deliver the cloud platform and the pricing/GTM capabilities you all need to continue to grow and thrive along side Atlassian going forward.

I made this decision solely because of my own personal career interests. I am joining a no-code development platform start-up to build a marketplace and ecosystem from square one. I have followed the low/no code platform space closely as it has evolved over the years, and have always wondered what it would be like to build a marketplace ecosystem from the ground up, ever since my early days in the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem. Even with this new career opportunity checking these two boxes of career aspirations, I was still skeptical and spent a month ignoring the recruiters persistent inquires and another ~2 months doing due diligence to make sure that this opportunity was worth leaving behind Atlassian, the amazing Marketplace partner ecosystem, and the momentum that we have been building together as we shift to cloud.

I can’t stress enough what a wonderful experience it was been working with, and learning from all of you. I look forward to watching, from the outside, as this ecosystem continues to lead the way on how to build and evolve a world class B2B app ecosystem. I can only hope to replicate the dedication and energy of this app partner ecosystem in my next endeavor.

I know this is a lot to digest, but I am confident you will not see any change in the communications, alignment and collaboration from Atlassian going forward. The Marketplace technical partner managers, program managers, and support engineers will continue to report in to the channel organization, led by Martin Musierowicz. He has been our strongest champion and advocate for the priorities and focus of Marketplace programs since my first day, and I know that will continue beyond my leave.

All The Best,

Warren Chen


@WarrenChen - wishing you the best Warren! Cheers! :wave:

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Good luck!


@WarrenChen Good luck in the future!


@WarrenChen - Best of luck in your new endeavor and thanks for all the work on the ecosystem!


@WarrenChen I am extremely sad to read about your departure, but at the same time congratulations that you are able to follow you dreams.

Your big impact on the Ecosystem cannot go unnoticed. You were a great and patient listener of vendors and we have seen you were doing your best to raise Atlassian’s awareness about the ecosystem real needs and treating vendors like a partners (or an important persona) rather than sometimes a victims of various decisions taking us by surprise.
It was a pleasure working with you.

I do hope that your successor will keep up such a great work.

Good luck in your new endeavour!


Oh dear, just learnt the news… You will be missed indeed.

All the best.

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@WarrenChen Just checked in and learned about the news!

All the very best! We will indeed miss you.