Discrepancy between marketplace license report and actual


We have a question regarding the marketplace report and what the REST API is reporting.
When we check the status of the license via REST , we get


but when we access the marketplace report for this SEN number, it shows as an expired evaluation
Our product is being used by this company

We didn’t dive into the details yet, but I’m wondering if other vendors observe the same behavior.

PS. I raised an issue (AMKT-22727), but without any response from ATL

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Out of curiosity - was the license recently expired (ie within 30 days)? I believe that the app’s license in the cloud is connected to the renewal date of the host app’s license.

The date that you’re getting in the marketplace report is the date that the customer sees in terms of licenses but the actual instance keeps ties it to it’s central date for all apps on the instance.

At least that’s what I’ve understood as it happening. But I might be wrong. @epehrson or @jgaard might know better.

(Just saw your reply)

OK - This might be the case.
The rest api started to report the app evaluation expiration on Sep 6 - I guess this is the date the licenses of this customer get renewed.