Display Issue View from app iframe on cloud / page on server

Recently, we have a huge demand to display an issue view within the context of our app. I am wondering what do you think about such a feature. Our app is developed both on server and cloud with mostly the same code base, therefore a cross platform feature would be ideal.

On cloud each time when you have a link to an issue and a user opens it, you need to redirect him to Jira issue view. Imagine you are developing custom board, queues, requests, table with issues, etc. When a user clicks such link, he losses context of the app. Navigation is not user friendly, because a user need to navigate between an app and Jira issue view frequently. What is more, it can cause high load on Jira side, because every time a user comes back to an app, many resources are fetched from Jira again and again.

Display native Issue View from iframe. There is similar API to display Create Dialog on cloud, therefore I think it is doable. I am not sure if it is possible in Jira Server right now, is it? There is now new Issue View on cloud, which is displayed in modal (e.g. when you are on spring board), it would be great to be able to open in from an API

I would be happy to create such a request if you think it is doable.

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We had similar request but it has been declined. I have no idea for the reasons but it seems like every developer should code his own Issue View both for Cloud and Server.

I think it would be beneficial both for vendors and users, especially when it comes to Jira performance. Maybe if more vendors describe their stories, Atlassian will reconsider it :slight_smile:.


It doesn’t work this way unfortunately :frowning:

I had the same problem,have you found a solution?

Any updates on this one? would love to have this feature.