Do I need to *manually* create a new version of the App ever?

I am confused a little bit when reading about app versions.
On this page -, it says:

To propagate a change in the descriptor to the Atlassian products, you need to create a new version of the app in its Marketplace listing.

On another page -, it says:

We poll the app descriptor URL that you included when you submitted your listing every minute. When we detect a change, we automatically update your app in the Atlassian Marketplace with a new version.

It sounds conflicting to me. Or have I misunderstood them?

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Hi @eagle.xiao

Manual creation of new version of app is the old way, which is not supported anymore. The automated polling to descriptor URL is currently how your app in marketplace is updated.

The first link had outdated information. Thanks for pointing out. I will pass it to concerned team to update it.


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