Do you remember your first Codegeist?

Hey :wave:

While waiting for the results of this year’s Atlassian Codegeist, I wondered about your experience with this hackathon.

  • Was it your first time? If not, when did you first enter the competition (alone or with a team)? Or maybe you take part every year?
  • Why are you taking part in it? Besides, you can get some cool swags :blush:

For me, this year’s hackathon was the third time in a row that I participated. Our team’s motivation every year is “Let’s learn something new!”. In addition, we always go on the integration trip, during which we work together on the app and just spend time together. Being in the ecosystem, I cannot imagine we’re not participating in it. We experiment, discuss various solutions, and finally send apps that have a chance to stand out on the Marketplace.

How about you? Let’s share your thoughts!

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