Drastic reduction in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) visitor data since this week

We are seeing about 70% less visitor count access all our apps. Looks like this is only affecting Atlassian Marketplace site, as other websites we have show usual trend.

As an example, see this screenshot:

There is a similar % reduction across all our apps. Can other partners verify this?


Hi @chhantyal. We see the same drop for our Marketplace listings.

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us too

Same here as well.

Alright, thanks everyone for chiming in. Looks like this is definitely an issue in Marketplace. I reported a bug at Ecosystem Support: ECOHELP-21795

I guess it is not an incident, so can’t make the ticket public.

Us too, so far I thought it’s just a “4th of July + Summer Holidays began” slump.

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Yep, big reduction since the start of July


At least a 50% drop

Same thing for us, 65% drop.

Our reports show the same effect: a drop of about 50-60 percent.

Same here :raised_back_of_hand:

We have the same problem :wave:

Hi Everyone,

We have fixed the issue. You should be seeing a correction over the next couple of days.

We regret the inconvenience. Thanks for the patience.



It looks like your ECOHELP ticket (as a bug) is still waiting for attention, even after an incident was raised and resolved. Next time, please do open an incident.

Noted, thank you. I was just not sure if it was classified as incident.

Hello @ibuchanan

there is indeed a problem in ECOHELP. ECOHELP-21790 was also opened last Friday after these problems were detected and confirmed by other partners. There has been no response until today.

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Hello @RituDagar

Starting from July 12th Google Analytics reports 0 users. The session and events are transmitted, but the user count is output with 0 everywhere. Except in the real-time reports where new users are listed.
Can you reproduce this on your site as well?

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We’re seeing the same behavior

@MattiaLomazzo and @chhantyal,

Your tickets have both been assigned to an agent.

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The user number appeared yesterday suddenly and the user numbers for July 13, are already present. It seems to have been only a temporary problem.