Dynamic atlassian connect

Can you tell me how to make atlassian-connect.json dynamic? Based on a cloud host?

For example, We want to develop an app and add it to the marketplace. Our app should create an entity to identify installation and provide different atlassian-connnect.json for each installation.
A json for reference:

Atlassian-connect.json files are static. No dynamic pieces to them. That said - you can use conditions to enable/disable modules based on properties set on the atlasian instance. In addition to this you can use a dynamic module rest point to add modules dynamically. See


Thanks, Dynamic modules is the solution we need.
I also need host information when install is happening.
Is it possible to find host URL while add-on installation happens ?

It’s part of the installation payload you’ll receive. However it is recommended that you look up the baseUrl through the rest api instead since it will always be up to date.

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