Endless evaluations in Confluence Cloud

We’ve a number of reports of users of draw.io for Confluence Cloud who have started evaluations and the billing never kicks in. Either that or the trial expires and the product simply becomes unlicensed. They trial the trial again and the process goes around.

The later is annoying since they can’t edit diagrams until the admin starts the trial again. Is this a known issue?


I’d really like an answer Atlassian on this. I’ve now noticed that the free tier cloud products can be run with endlessly repeating evaluations of cloud plugins if you don’t enter payment details:

I filed a ticket with Atlassian about this, providing specific details, and was told that none of the instances had valid payment details. I know that, so why can users get endlessly recurring evaluations of cloud plugins if they don’t enter valid payment details. How can this not be a bug?


This might be related: [AMKT-12613] - Ecosystem Jira