Error handling in Forge triggers for Jira and Confluence Cloud

Dear Community,

Is there any built-in way for a Forge app to notify the user if a trigger has failed executing? (with something like a popup message, perhaps in some sort of a notification queue so that it also shows up later if it was not the user who directly triggered the operation, but e.g. some scheduled process of another app)

I’ve found this thread Show custom notification message , but this talks about Custom UI ‘flags’. In my case, we have no Custom UI being displayed (in fact, no Custom UI in the app at all, just UIKit components and a trigger that runs in the background.)

The only workaround I can think of is logging these errors into some sort of persistent storage and displaying an error log on some page of the app. This is not very user-friendly though, as the user has to first know where to look if a trigger seemingly ‘doesn’t do anything’…

Many thanks!

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Hi @PeterVelosy, at the moment we don’t offer such a feature. The Announcement Banner is dedicated to showing notifications for the whole instance, and the showFlag feature supports only the Forge apps with custom UI modules.