Show custom notification message

Hi everyone,

Is it possible in a Forge app to show a custom notification message which is called inside the Forge trigger? Just like the attached image below.


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Hi, we recently released the ability for Custom UI apps to create flags using the showFlag method on the Custom UI bridge.

That’s great! Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Hi @AdamMoore, Good day!

Turned out that we cannot use this showFlag function in our use case. Basically the idea is, using Forge trigger we declare a function inside src/index.js that will listen to Jira events, eg. Create issue, update issue, etc. and inside the function we will send request to our Third-party Web API, depending on the response we will show a notification message but turned out @forge/bridge cannot be accessed inside the src/index.js.

I also came across on this discussion which is related with this

My question is, is there any alternative that we can use in our case to show notification message?