Show custom notification message

Hi everyone,

Is it possible in a Forge app to show a custom notification message which is called inside the Forge trigger? Just like the attached image below.


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Hi, we recently released the ability for Custom UI apps to create flags using the showFlag method on the Custom UI bridge.

That’s great! Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Hi @AdamMoore, Good day!

Turned out that we cannot use this showFlag function in our use case. Basically the idea is, using Forge trigger we declare a function inside src/index.js that will listen to Jira events, eg. Create issue, update issue, etc. and inside the function we will send request to our Third-party Web API, depending on the response we will show a notification message but turned out @forge/bridge cannot be accessed inside the src/index.js.

I also came across on this discussion which is related with this

My question is, is there any alternative that we can use in our case to show notification message?

Hi @RoiLarrenceAmatong , did you ever find a workaround for this? We’d like to do something similar - essentially trigger a notification for a different user in our backend, and have users be notified without having to open our forge app.

Email would also work, but Forge (as of today) not having access to email addresses makes that a non-starter.

Hi there, something that might reveal useful for this use case is the Announcement Banner API. This can’t seem to target specific users, but for broadcasting messages to all users that would work in a trigger.