EULA Template for Server Add-ons

With the upcoming changes in the Marketplace every plugin needs it’s own End User License Agreement, because the default Standard EULA is removed from the general Marketplace agreement.

Couldn’t there be a EULA template, which would be sufficient for server addons

  • which does not store personal data
  • does not communicate with anything outside the server
  • does not collect any usage data or statistics
  • all data is stored via regular API from hosting Atlassian product

This would be very helpful for small vendors. How are you handling your need for EULA?

Based on previous responses from Atlassian to many such requests I think the answer will be: “We will not provide a template EULA because each vendor situation is different and it is up to you to come up with an EULA that serves your business & customers needs”.

Browsing through my archives of the Google Groups discussion list, I’ve seen many vendors that have offered others to take parts of their EULA (at your own risk). So I would say: feel free to look around and see what others have done, and perhaps reach out to them if you want to take certain parts (or just copy it, no-one will ever know).


I don’t find anything, when searching the Developmer Community. You mean the Google Group before it was changed to Developer Community?

Yeah, I still have all the emails (going back to 2012) in my inbox