Everything, Everywhere, All At Once is broken when contacting licensing support for dev site

I created a site using https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/getting-started/#free-developer-instances-to-build-and-test-your-app Which is now asking me to pay for the site. My guess is that this is broken due to the new billing system, so maybe Marketplace team can work to fix this?

So I go to file a ticket at Pricing, billing & licensing inquiries | Atlassian

Which won’t let me log in.

So I do it without signing in.

But then it can’t validate the site URL:

Ok fine, I will just provide that in the comment body, and tell support that this is broken. But wait, attachments are broken:

Google Chrome 2023-11-04 at 12.05.48

Ok fine, I will tell them about that in the comment body as well. Oh wait, you can’t submit tickets because :person_shrugging:

https://status.atlassian.com/ and https://developer.status.atlassian.com/ are all green.

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Oh no, a dreaded “cascade failure”! That sounds frustrating. Although I don’t know what could be the problem with the support system, I can advise there is a common problem with the cloud developer licenses that any “breach” of the developer limits will cause a silent switch over to a paid license. The 2 most common causes are:

  • Over the limit of users per product. It’s 5 users for all products except Jira Service Management (JSM), for which the limit is 1 agent. And, with default settings adding a 2nd user will default to adding the user to JSM.
  • Having a paid app installed. At the moment when an app requires payment, so does the underlying site.

If either applies you can self-correct the problem. Just return to under 5 users (and 1 for JSM) and remove any paid apps, and the billing will revert. Hopefully, it’s just one of those else you were already down the right path with customer support. If the problem isn’t cleared by Monday, DM me with the affected site and I can log a support case on your behalf.


Looks like support is back up and I filed CA-2660314

The site has not in any way breached the limits on a dev instance as far as I can tell. I would bet $$$ it’s a CCCP thing.