Fields to be removed in licenses because the new cloud identifiers

In the latest announcements Introducing New Cloud Identifiers we were notified about the replacement of SEN by new cloud identifiers (EntitlementID and CloudID).
This means that the licenseId field in the licenses retrieved by Marketplace API will be removed, but what is not addressed is what will happen with another fields like the addonLicenseId and hostLicenseId. This fields are going to be still available after the change?

@cmacneill @mbasaralusrinivasa I’m also interested in @LeslieCoronadoSando1 question.

What will happen with addonLicenseId and hostLicenceId fields?

On the License API for cloud apps I see that fields entitlementId and entitlementNumber were added. Will the cloudId get added before the supportEntitlementNumber gets deleted? When will this happen?

On the Marketplace API I also see that appEntitlementId and appEntitlementNumber were added. Will the cloudId get added before the hostLicenseId gets deleted? When will this happen?

Currently the hostLicenceId is unique for the whole Jira instance, we use this field to identify the instance in some cases, and we use the addonLicenseId to identify the installation of the addon for an instance. If we just have the new field EntitlementId we will be missing an identifier for the Jira instance if hostLicenceId gets deleted. When will cloudId be made available?

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I’ll add a “ME TOO” here, because it seems that while the deprecation of the SEN is in the API documentation, there is NOTHING about the cloud_Id.