Forge and Connect unified

In terms of Forge and Connect unified, is there any update on State 3 and State 4, about the app storage on-Atlassian infrastructure according to the blogspot

( Atlassian are in the process of building tooling that will help developers migrate data from self-hosted databases to Forge.)
Can we migrate the external Db storage to Atlassian environment and if yes are there some limitations?
Is there some ticket raised about this update?

At this point, I’m not even sure the indented deadline for state 1 & 2 will be met…

@jhazelwood, you previously mentioned this:

The end-of-2022 date is when we hope the very last app will be unblocked to start the process of registering onto forge

It is also mentioned on the blog post. Is this still valid? Is there any new update? At the time of the update the State 1 was still in LIMITED ALPHA RELEASE, has this been marked GA already, and if so, was that announced anywhere?

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Hi Ivana and Remie,

Circumstances have conspired to make the end-of-2022 date look increasingly unlikely. We postponed the “uninstall / reinstall required…” issue in favour of other work, so State 1 is not yet GA. We’re currently working on the OAuth 2 piece of State 2 but have not started any State 3 work yet such as remote access to storage APIs.

The most recent update on all of this is my dev day talk from last month. We’re actively looking at Connect and Forge unification strategy, timelines etc. so I hope we have more to share in a little while.

As for migrating the database from Connect to Forge, the two tickets linked above will make it easier, but in the mean time I’m happy to discuss options for doing it without those features, or answer any other questions you have.

For example, if your migration work can fit within Forge limits, it should be possible to, from within a Forge function, fetch data from your Connect app server (you’ll need to implement some auth) and then use the storage APIs to store it in Forge storage. You could also make use of Web Triggers to push the data in from the connect app server.

Hope that’s helpful,
James Hazelwood

Hi @jhazelwood ,
We’re also looking into migrating to Forge, but up to now have been hampered by the difference between macros in Connect/Confluence and Forge macros.
Are you looking into a migration strategy? Or some way to keep connect macros working from Forge?

Yes, we’re working on that right now, it’s coming soon!

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It would be great if you can expedite communications about this, or at least update the only currently available resource about Connect & Forge unifications to reflect the fact that the timelines are no longer valid.


Hi @jhazelwood, do you mean also this ticket [FRGE-511] - Ecosystem Jira is being worked on?

This would be very important information for our internal app roadmap. Like @remie said, if Force is fixing differences to Connect macros, it would be great to get more information.

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