Forge and database storage

Can we host our own external database storage for Forge app on Atlassian infrastructure? If yes, for example in the context of 10,000 users, what will the compute required?

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I am very interested in learning more about this question.

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@Ivana1 and @leonardo.diaz,

No. At this time, Atlassian does not host any vendor infrastructure (like external databases) on Atlassian infrastructure. The current options are either Forge Storage or off-Atlassian.

Thank you for the response @ibuchanan ,
In case we use the Forge Storage API we want to know the storage limit for 10,000 users adding data.
What happens if we breach the storage limit?


Please refer to the Forge storage quotas. I am unaware of any documentation about exceeding the thresholds. To my knowledge, your app will not have any way of knowing (like exceptions thrown in the runtime) so the only way is that someone from Atlassian might reach out if your app exceeds the limits.

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Thank you @ibuchanan

Is somewhere defined how much is the total amount of seats that Forge can handle? I can’t see that limit in the documentation of the storage quotas.

Just cross-linking the reply that our colleague Joshua posted here about this question:

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