Forge App events - Early Access Program (EAP)

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce the new app events feature in Forge through an Early Access Program (EAP). This program allows selected Forge developers to fire app events from within a Forge app and execute them in the background.

We’ve used your invaluable feedback to iterate and improve the platform. In the next step of this exciting journey, the Forge apps can fire app events which the Forge platform will execute in the background.

Interested in joining the EAP?

This program gives you a chance to use app events in the Forge app while providing us critical feedback that will help us to iterate upon and improve your app events experience as a developer. To participate in this post add a reply to this topic and we will get in touch with the next steps.

EAP participants will be added to a private category on the developer community, which is the primary channel for feedback from EAP participants.

By signing up for this Early Access Program (EAP), you acknowledge the Atlassian Privacy Policy and that use of the EAP products is governed by the Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service (“TOS”). The EAP products are considered “Beta Versions”, as set forth in Section 14 of the TOS, and are subject to applicable terms, conditions, and disclaimers.

Features of app events

  • App events are scoped to an app.
  • App events are executed in parallel by the Forge platform.
  • New App events can be pushed as a result of the processing of app events. Enabling sequential processing.
  • The status of these events can be tracked from within the app.

Potential use cases of this feature

This unlocks functionality like, importing bulk data, and running long tasks in the background by breaking it down into multiple app events.

If you have additional feedback, please post a comment below.

The Forge team


I’m a little confused as to the difference between ‘forge app’ and ‘app’ events. Is app = Jira || Confluence (aka ‘host’ app) ? Can forge apps trigger ‘app’ events? Can you please add an example that illustrates the flow?


Hey @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1,

The app in the app events refers to the Forge app. A Forge app can push app events which will call a module in the same Forge app asynchronously in the background. Please let me know if it is still not clear. :slight_smile:


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Can I use this to synchronize all worklog data from the host to our own backend? Something like this:

  • User clicks on synch data button on the screen.
  • When processing this click event, our app pushes an app event
  • During processing of app event, app uses Jira REST API to query some data and after some time(?) pushes another app event to continue synchronization? I don’t know how we divide it to chunks though?
    I think we will learn details through out the EAP program. I want to join the EAP program if possible.
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We’d be interested in joining the EAP. What’s the timeline for leaving EAP?


Hi @amathur,
I am also really interested in joining the EAP program!


I am also interested in joining the EAP :slight_smile:


I would be interested in joining the EAP as well.


We (Utoolity) would be highly interested in joining this EAP, exciting feature :slight_smile:


We would be interested to join the EAP as well.


Would also be interested to join the EAP.


I am also interested in joining the EAP.


We would love to take part in the EAP with our app Easy Subtask Templates to allow background creation of large subtask amounts and to create relations between issues in the background.


Please add me to the EAP ! I wonder if this API will help me with this problem:

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Hi @denizoguz,

Yes, your use case sounds like it would work well with Forge app events. You can either prepare the queries, and push these app events to be executed in parallel. Or you can do it sequentially, by pushing an app event after processing some app event with some sort of stopping condition.

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Hi @danielwester,

Currently, the plan is to have the EAP for 3 weeks before release. This may change with feedback from the community.


Hey :slight_smile: Sounds awesome :slight_smile: I would also be interested in the EAP.

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We’d be interested too. There are a few use-cases we’d like to explore

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We would be interested to join the EAP aswell :grinning:

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Hi We would also like to join the EAP. thanks

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