Forge app installation link returns 'App not found'

After creating a new Forge app, deploying it to production, and setting it to ‘Shared’ distribution, the resulting installation link always returns a 403, App not found:


Additional reproduction info:

  • Forge CLI version 1.4.0
  • App template used: (pristine) confluence-macro-typescript
  • Response header atl-traceid: c3a20227d50ebdaa
  • Confirmed by colleague on different account

This may or may not be related to the ongoing OAuth issue discussed in Forge app authentication OAuth error


Retried today, and things works again for all three test apps that did not work yesterday!

Notably, the installation links given by the developer console yesterday lacked a signature query parameter that is present in the links generated today.

So might have been related to (and fixed with) the OAuth issue, or an unrelated glitch - can’t really judge this with the limited insight from my end.