@forge/bridge requestJira stopped working: An unexpected error occurred when fetching an auth token

In my Forge custom UI app, calls to requestJira will then throw an error as in the picture:

This error happens after I upgraded @forge/cli from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2. Then I downgrade it to 2.0.1 but the problem is still there.

The exact request which causes the problem:

  • requestJira('/rest/api/3/issuetype')
  • requestJira('/rest/api/3/project')

One thing I noticed is that previously, those calls will send directly to a Jira instance endpoint such as https://someJiraHash.net/rest/api/3/project, but now it sends the request to a graphql server https://mySite.atlassian.net/gateway/api/graphql (just like it did before @forge/bridge@2.0.0, see the change log: Forge bridge version 2.0.0)

I tried to upgrade @forge/bridge to the latest version but it did not help.

Can anyone provide some help?


Any answer from Atlassian Staff?

As @nhac.tat.nguyen has already noticed, I have a similar issue on the Confluence side: Error getting users from Confluence with @forge/bridge
Considering I didn’t change anything, what am I doing wrong?

Same here. We already requested that:


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Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen

We have had an incident last week whereby the Consent Flow would not succeed for some Custom UI apps (see: App authorization requires manual refresh).

In some cases, the requestJira or requestConfluence of the @forge/bridge methods appear broken. In order to fix it, you can revoke the existing app permissions via the Admin page of your Atlassian site.

There, you can go to Connected Apps → Select your app → Manage → Select the user having trouble with the app → Revoke permissions

When this is done, the user will be able to re-trigger the Consent Flow and the auth token retrieval should now be resolved.

Hope this helps.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Thank @Xavier, it works now!

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Hi @XavierCaron, a member of my team has this problem again today, but it is not possible to access the Connected Apps page. This is what shows on the UI and in the Console:

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Hi @nhac.tat.nguyen

The issue related to the Connected Apps page not working is currently being looked at (there is a related incident on our side).

As for the issue related to the token not coming through, I believe that the existing tokens have expired and therefore a new consent might be required… I am investigating this a bit further.



Hi again,

The Connected Apps page should now be accessible again.

As for the issue related to the tokens not coming back, I am still investigating what could have caused it.


Hi @XavierCaron,

I am also seeing this error on my cloud instance:

Did follow the suggestion

  1. revoke users permissions
  2. logout
  3. login
    But still, I am seeing these errors. Any suggestions on the next steps?

Is it correct to assume my App customers are also seeing this error?

Hi @bjornbrynjar

Thanks for raising this.

Do you mind sharing your appId and the content of your manifest.yml?

In regards to the work around, did you get presented to the Consent Flow and consent to your app permissions again?

As for the impact on the customers, I can check based on your appId.


I’m facing a similar issue. My application just stopped working and the debug console shows “An unexpected error occurred when fetching an auth token”.

In the past, I followed the instructions and it worked, but it is happening again and now I cannot find the Connected Apps page in the admin site anymore.

@gabrielsan, the Connected apps page has been moved to Atlassian account