Forge deploy unknown error


as @kchan requested (Forge deploy fails with unknown error - #11 by ccurti), a new post with my deploy log.
error_log.docx (56.1 KB)

For all people, who read this and don’t know the context.
My forge deploy started to fail with an unknown error and I don’t know why.


Any updates?

Hey @kchan are there any news on the matter?

You may also want to try disabling snapshots via the manifest file. See documentation for how to do this:

Have you given this a try? Did it change anything?


Hey @FilippoMatraxia,

I have been investigating this more internally, can you please confirm that you are still having issues, will help us to confirm the source of the issue. Thanks!

@bentley i have already tried that, but it didn’ change a thing.
@SamSmyth yes the problem still remains.

Hi @FilippoMatraxia, @SamSmyth made our team aware of this and I’m looking into it now as well. Would you be able to share your app manifest? It looks like there might be something there that’s now allowing the deployment to succeed.


    - key: dev-globalways-hello-world-admin-page
      resource: main
        function: resolver
      title: Verfügbarkeitscheck
    - key: resolver
      handler: API.handler
  - key: main
    path: static/hello-world/build
  id: ari:cloud:ecosystem::app/e6aacd53-fd29-4278-bbb8-fc334fbbaab3
  name: dev-globalways
    - read:jira-user
      - 'unsafe-inline'

Here you go

Thanks for the manifest, we were wondering if something there might have been invalid on an edge case. It looks like everything here is perfectly fine.

The next thought is that you’re trying to push a version that already exists in our database. We will try to find a path for you to deploy through this. Out of curiosity, what version number is listed in your package.json?

My package.json is at version 1.0.0

@FilippoMatraxia, BTW, check the typo in your backend fetch section – you have a dot after the top level domain

Hi @FilippoMatraxia,
Sorry that it’s taken so long to respond, unfortunately, there have been a lot of support requests for our team recently.

I’m happy to say though that we have found the root cause of your problem. Due to the frequent deployments, you have run into an edge case with app versioning that is something that our team is now aware of.

We’ll be starting to work on this ASAP, although it may take a few weeks as we are dealing with migrations of large database tables.

Also, unfortunately, I do not have a quick fix for you, anything that we do in the backend will immediately be undone due to the number of deployments that your app goes through, however, the more holistic fix should be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I’m sorry that I don’t have an immediate fix for you


Hi @nsher,

thanks for the update!

Hi @FilippoMatraxia
It has been some time now I know, but the supposed fix for this issue has been implemented into the backend systems so that version is respected in the way that is should be for this edge case.

I was wondering if your app was still being deployed and whether you have noticed any difference in the responses.

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