Forge inline macro

Hi Forge team,

Thank you for bringing this platform to the world. I built two macros with almost the same functionality. ACE-based one requires 30 files and has 28 dependencies. Forge-based requires 4 files and 4 dependencies. There are just stats, but you really put out of the table all hidden tricks with macro parameters, API calls as a user via oauth, environments, hosting etc.

I really like the way you handled Confluence macro module. As far as I understand there is no static/dynamic split in Forge, right? Instead of making a hard decision between super fast but functionally limited staticMacro and rich but slow, iframe-based dynamicMacro there is just one, server-side rendered macro type. My experience is that sizing works better, it’s much faster than ACE’s dynamicMacro (but obviously not as fast as static one).

Thing that I can not find is something similar to ACE’s outputType. All Forge macros behave like BLOCK output type. Is there a way to change it to INLINE? If not, is it on the roadmap?



Hey @szn!

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback—warmed my heart to know we’re getting it right for you :slight_smile:

There aren’t concrete plans for an inline macro right now, but the team that look into new modules have heard this request before. I’ll pass it onto them as additional feedback.

Hope you have a great time developing on Forge!


Is there a JIRA ticket to follow for the feature request to add Forge inline macros for confluence?


Hi @huw , is there any update on Forge inline macro?

Hi @MatthewEbert @ritupurna.biswal11,

At the moment, we don’t have any concrete plans for inline macros.

This would be the most relevant Jira ticket to follow: