Forge install upgrade throws an unexpected error


I get an error when upgrading a Forge app on my production instance. Deploy worked fine but when I run “forge install -e production --upgrade” command, I get the below error.
Upgrading your app in production…
Error: An unexpected error occurred

This app is currently submitted to marketplace and is under review. And I want to be able to submit a new version to them. Any insights will be much appreciated.

Hi @GirishReddy,

It should be possible to upgrade the app even if it’s submitted for a Marketplace review.

If this is still happening, can you run the forge install --verbose -e production --upgrade and share the output here so that we can check that?

As an alternative, you could try to uninstall the app (running forge uninstall) and then install it again on the same site.


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Thank you Caterina. For now, I used the “Update available” button that gets activated in the “Manage apps” screen, after “forge deploy”.

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