Formal request for reckognition of common holiday seasons

Although the world never sleeps and not everyone has the luxury of what may feel as an abundance of paid time off, there are still easily definable common holiday seasons in which things are slowing down (incl. sales).

Would it be possible for atlassian to respect these periods and hold off on any activities (apart from anything urgent, like limiting the impact of hard coded passwords in property files) during these periods?

Let’s say, no (online) events, deadlines, major releases, breaking changes, policy changes or important announcements during the entire months of July and August as well as mid-December until mid-January.


I’d appreciate the initiative. It may come from the fact that Australians don’t feel like their Winter-in-July requires much holidays :wink:

Perhaps we need to be more specific, since it’s ok for me if announcements are made during Summer as long as they are long-term (>6 months), but clearly:

  • Europe is quiet from mid-July to end-of-August. Even our president takes 3 weeks off in addition to his usual time off,
  • Back-channels are almost off, it’s hard to reach fellow managers in other companies or to get answers on CDAC.

Hi @remie and @aragot ,

This is a good point. Maybe we should be looking at this from a slightly broader point of view whereby Atlassian should be restricting the amount of change to within certain limits which may be reduced during certain times of the year to recognise common vacation and/or religious periods. Now that we have a better changelog mechanism that most products and services have onboarded to, we could base the logic on the number of certain types of changelog entries. Another approach is to only announce changes at set times, but I can see some pros and cons of this approach. There are likely to be other (and better) ideas. I’ll raise this internally.



one of the challenges not mentioned yet here or in the comments… is that of Atlassian’s financial year.
lots of interesting new programmes get announced at summit, plans are made, budgets signed off, and then Atlassian goes hell for leather on their new FY plans during northern hemisphere summer.

not really sure how you would change that.


I’d also add to not drop a new release of Jira/Confluence a day or two before the Summit. Some of us are only small teams and try to handle both is a pain