GDPR Compliance for Marketplace apps

Hello Everyone,

We have an app published in Atlassian Marketplace. We are in the process of handling GDPR Compliance for our products.

I like to know about the plan of Atlassian towards GDPR Compliance of Marketplace apps.

Is it need to be handled by the particular app developers or it will be handled by Atlassian Marketplace…?

Thanks in advance

Hi @eswarijayakumar27,

You might want to read up on GDPR progress here: and probably post some additional questions as there as been very limited response from Atlassian in terms of how they envision GDPR implementation in regard to Customer <> Atlassian <> Marketplace Vendor relationship.



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Hi @remie

Thanks for the reply.

But I am unable to view the page. On Clicking the link, It shows the error message as “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”.

@eswarijayakumar27, do you have an app on the Marketplace?
The discussion @remie is pointing to is in a section of the community that is only available to Marketplace Vendors.

To request access you can create a ticket here:


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