Get Release details of Jira Upcoming Versions


We have an app published in Atlassian Marketplace. And I like to update the app compatibility whenever Jira releases any newer version.

It is very difficult to keep on monitoring Jira updates frequently and I like to update the compatibility before customer asks for app update. Is it possible to get any automated mails/newsletters for every latest Jira version update.?



Hi @eswarijayakumar27,

The best way to follow everything that’s happening with Jira Server is by regularly checking this page: Latest updates

And following the Jira blog posts on the Developer Blog:

All EAPs should be announced there.

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This topic seemingly comes up every other month on average meanwhile, see @daniel’s last summary of the state of affairs in How do you prepare your apps for a new version of Jira? Can Atlassian give us a heads up?.

Besides using @pvandevoorde’s advise to test and ensure that your app is actually compatible with newer Jira versions, you might also want to poll the Atlassian Marketplace REST API to see when a new version is actually made available for compatibility markup in your app’s listing.

Both the polling as well as the compatibility markup adjustment can in theory be fully automated (of course, you most certainly want an approval step to ensure you have green tests all around), and several fellow vendors are offering solutions for some aspects of this, for example: