Google analytics conversions

We have some difficulties to match conversions on google analytics and transactions on Atlassian

  1. Is the Buy Button event in GA is the good event to track conversions? ( There is also Buy modal etc…) We have transactions / buy button event =15%.
  2. Between clicking that button and the payment that generates the transaction on the marketplace vendor account , much time can go on specially for customers that asked for invoices and bank transfer. Did someone knows how much time it can take between click and the payment.
  3. Are conversions from UPM are shown in Google analytics.

Finally have you any suggestions or ways to help us understand the relationship between GA and final transactions on the Atlassian marketplace ?
Thank you in advance

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There a Marketplace API available with some insights

I wouldn’t recommend relying on marketing funnel insights - there are several issues/gotchas and you never know if you get accurate info or not -