Happy anniversary, great topic πŸŽ‰ RIP AtlasKit πŸͺ¦

Did you know that this is the only Great Topic on this forum?

Did you also know that React 18 is currently in Alpha and we are still stuck with React 16 because of Styled Components 3.2.6?

Did you also know that a ticket to remedy this was created in Nov’19 and is still stuck in 0.dev backlog

Did you also know that the Atlassian Security Team actively reaches out to vendors not updating outdated 3rd party components, yet have completely and utterly failed to get the Atlassian Design Team to act on this?

Just some fun facts to celebrate the anniversary of that great topic!


Did you also know that your partners are spending significant amounts of time, energy, and money working around complications created by this issue?


And that it will take a lot of effort to do a 2 major version React upgrade, let alone migrate from Styled Components to Emotion


For those of you who think I’m only here to troll, I also have a solution!