How are you using Forge?

Heya Atlassian developer community :wave: My name is Karen.

A few weeks ago, I joined the Ecosystem Marketing team as Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Developer Platform. My focus area is Forge, and I’ll be working alongside the product and DX teams to communicate Forge feature updates and organize events.

Before joining Atlassian, I worked as a Developer Advocate for an ecommerce platform, and in my most recent role, product marketing for an open source conversational AI framework (if there are any chatbot enthusiasts out there, hit me up :robot:). I’m excited to dive into Forge and meet everyone.

As a newcomer, I’d love to sit down and chat with folks who know the Atlassian ecosystem well. Have you built an app with Forge? What was your experience like? What methods do you prefer to stay informed about new features? What could we be doing to make our website or developer events better? I’d also love to get your opinion on a few early marketing messages, to find out what matters to you.

My door is open - you can reach me by email or use the link below to book some time on my calendar.


Calendly: Calendly - Karen White