How do you market for your new add on?

We’re launching a new add-on on Atlassian Marketplace, and we’re reaching out to our users who are using Jira, because the new add-on will give them much powerful features. We’re a bug reporting tool for mobile app developers and we help with bugs, crashes, in app chats.

I’ve wondering if anyone in the community has any cool ideas on how they spread the word about the add-ons they developed.

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On Facebook you can make a Facebook page for your company and advertise your App with very low price.

You can make a Ads for your App and choise the targer people like people who is interested about Atlassian Jira, etc. And choise a states where you want to sell your App.

On Facebook you can make ad campaing with only 20 € per campaing and that is nothing and not contains a financial risk.

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Congrats on your launch. There are lots and lots of approaches you can take to try to get that initial burst of traction, and you have to use some intuition to decide what has the best chance of success in terms of your time and budget constraints.

At the last Atlassian Summit I did a talk on just this topic, it could be helpful to you:

The most comprehensive article about tech product launches I’ve read lately is this one:

I hope these give you plenty of ideas to start with. Good luck!


Thank you so much Davin for your help! I just finished watching the video. I made sure to pause many times and jott down some notes! I’ve noticed that marketing and launching add-ons does intersect largely with launching anything but it’s always a general rule to stick with the relevant users!


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That last point is true particularly when you’re working with person-power limitations common to small companies. Happy to help and good luck!