How do you unlock the Dugald badge?

I notice that @dmorrow has the coveted Dugald badge.

How can mere mortals unlock said badge?

If that’s too hard to achieve, is there a David badge I could acquire?


It says “Be more like Dugald” … so maybe the shortcut to the badge would be plastic surgery? :smile:


Ha ha. @BentleyCook created this as a bit of a joke. :slight_smile:

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Ha! I created that while exploring what was possible with badging on here (and of course I didn’t clean up the mess from the fun I had). At the time, I think that @dmorrow was replying to topics around the clock and as the badge says, we should all be more like Dugald…

Nowadays, Dugald has some serious competition! Time for a Ian/Remie/David/Dugald badge - Iaredadu, as I like to call it.

Be more like Iaredadu!