How does add-on price increase affect customers?

Hi all,

I am digging through the documentation trying to understand how an add-on price increase affect my customers. This page answers most of my questions but I am not clear about the following statement:

Existing customers get a 60-day price override so they can pay the lower price when they renew or purchase. They receive the renewal price override as long as they’re on the same product edition and the quote is created before the renewal override date (60 days from the price change).

In the above point what does “same product edition” refer to? What’s a product edition? Is it e.g. a change from Jira Software to Jira Service Desk? Or does it refer to an update to the add-on?

Secondly, is it possible to pay specific add-ons annually but have Jira (and other add-ons) still billed monthly? I was going to suggest to customers to change from a monthly subscription to an annual plan to compensate for the price increase. However, I am not sure if they can only pay a single add-on annually or they have to change their overall plan to annual.

Any help or pointers to relevant resources would be appreciated.


I found the answer to my second question here:

According to the explanation there you can either choose to be billed monthly or annually on everything.

Hi Tobias,

It’s referring to the same user tier. Basically, so long as your customer doesn’t change the user tier they are buying the license at they have a 60 days window to purchase again at the grandfathered price. If they change the user tier they pay the new price.