How long does it take to get 3LO approval?

@dmorrow Forge does not look like a suitable platform for our application, we require our own infrastructure. Please continue with industry-standard OAuth 2 support.


This is sad news for my company as well. We have clients waiting for this, and we cannot use Forge. We need this urgently.
Your documentation does not say anything about this either, so I am a bit confused by this sudden change of direction.


Exactly, while Forge might look like an interesting offering (also, isn’t it currently in closed beta?), it is not suitable for our needs at the moment.

Hi Atlassian Team and @aagrawal2 - we’re in the same queue and have a client dependency that is critical to us. We submitted a long time ago and could really use some help on this request. =(

Jira Service Management

@dmorrow this is very disappointing and discouraging. We’ve been developing an app exclusively for Jira Cloud during last 6 months. And now when we’re ready it appears that we can’t even submit it. I hope you will come up with the good news for us all on May 1st.


@dmorrow Thanks for your response.
We submitted the request before April 9th and still waiting for review. We have long list of customers who are waiting for this integration and we are eager to serve them well.
Can you plz take a look at ticket # DEVHELP-4370?
Thanks again,

Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks for your patience whilst we debated the way forward regarding 3LO app approvals. We are committed to supporting the creation of 3LO apps as they provide valuable capabilities for our customers. Unfortunately, however, our 3LO app approval process is labor intensive which has resulted in excessive delays and clearly this has been felt within our community. Despite these issues, we will be immediately continuing our review of 3LO app approvals. We have quite a backlog of reviews to get through, but we will do so as quickly as possible. To provide a better service to our developer community, we intend to investigate the feasibility of added automation and staffing to improve the timeliness of 3LO app approvals.



That’s great news!

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Thank you Neil. Do you know when one can expect to hear? We have some major client dependencies on this and have had our request in since the beginning of March. Thank you!

Thank you @nmansilla for your reply,

As we have to communicate to our users a potential delay on the release of our platform, would you mind giving us an estimated target for having the current backlog of applications reviewed?


@nmansilla - do you think it is a possibility of allowing “provisional” approvals to those who have submitted and then removing access if it is found out that those apps are not deemed acceptable? Otherwise the wait could cause irreparable harm to those of us building commercial products on this platform.

@aagrawal2 @dmorrow @nmansilla

Our App has been approved and we’re very grateful as we are 4 days from our launch!
Thank you for the recent communications and the work that has been done :slight_smile:


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A look into DEVHELP-4276 (10/Mar/20) would be very appreciated, thanks!

Hi @aagrawal2 @nmansilla

That’s great news! You’re checking and approving apps.

Our case (Jira Service Management) was opened on 14/feb. Apparently, it is a case prior to the stanislas (4291). On our side, everything is ready to go and our customers are waiting for this approval. Could you guys please check?


Hi Neil & 3LO Approval Team - I wanted to check in. I know that you’re renewing approvals for 3LO applications, and we do have a few client dependencies on this. Would you be able to provide timeline estimate on this, as we are pushing up against some key deadlines for us. Thank you in advance!

This is just ridiculous. Why release the 3rd party integration functionality without proper way of reviewing the submissions? @nmansilla @dmorrow Any ETA on approving our request? (DEVHELP-4259)

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This doesn’t make sense, how is the review labor intensive, it’s not like you’re reviewing source code. Why not just bulk approve all requests now and just retroactively review if you find something suspicious.

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@VitaliyLim - you’re all set.

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Thank you @nmansilla! Good luck, everyone!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but we were wondering if there’s still supposed to be large wait times for getting 3LO approval? Our team has been blocked on testing the Jira integration in our application for about 12 days now. Our ticket # is DEVHELP-4681. Thanks!