How long free beta needs to be maintained after paid version is released?

So I have a plan to first put free beta version of the app I’m working on. Then at some point I plan to change it to paid via atlassian version.
After reading: Upgrading and versioning cloud apps ( I think it’s enough to create new version in market place with all the options set, and customers that use the beta will be notified about the need to approve new version of the app.

Just also according to the site, there is no time limit for the approval.
In theory, this sounds like I could have even a year long period when some users will still be using the free beta version.

What’s the proper way to avoid that and have only a reasonable transition period: like a month or so?

Is there a way to mark the free beta version as stop being supported in a month or so?

There is an article about retiring an app.
Is there a way to retire an app version?

Should, what I describe above be done in a totally different way?