How long is the average delay in license properties becoming available after app is enabled in License API for Cloud apps?

After receiving the /enabled webhook as described here, we make a request to the License API for Cloud apps to get entitlement number, license type, etc.
We are aware that there is a delay in license information becoming available in the response payload, but can’t seem to find a firm range on this forum about how long that delay is. I’ve heard everything from 10 seconds, to 10 minutes, to a week. Are there any stats on this?


Hi @ClaudiaCanamasAppfir,

Thanks for raising this, availability of licensing information is something we’re looking to change at the moment actually.

Can I ask what fields you are looking for in terms of licensing? The Licensing API you linked above had both ‘supportEntitlementNumber’ as well as the ‘EntitlementId’/‘EntitlementNumber’ fields.

From what I’ve seen, the ideal case should have a 10-minute maximum on licensing fields being available, but this needs to be confirmed and documented on our end.

Thanks again

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Hi, thanks for responding. These are the specific fields I need. What constitutes an “ideal case”? How frequent are unideal cases? Please confirm the 10-minute maximum - anecdotally, the maximums seem to be at least a few hours. I am surprised Atlassian has no existing data around this. @nsher

Thanks for the screenshot, that’s really useful to know, can I ask which fields aren’t appearing immediately? just to confirm that key and version are always there. It would also be good to know whether it’s all of the licensing fields or only some of them.

To try and answer your questions with the digging I’ve done into this. the ‘Ideal case’ I referred to is the situation where there are no errors in the licensing or provisioning processes, and the 10-minute maximum was coming from a single internal service timeout where we expect that the entire licensing process be done within that time. Cases where errors occur, do happen, but very uncommonly.

As for the more realistic delays, it would depend on whether the site where the app is being installed has been moved onto our newer billing system as per this post.

For sites that are not yet transitioned over, the average realistic delay is typically a matter of 1-4 minutes, with that 10-minute maximum being quite generous. For any that have been moved over, the delay should be almost non-existent, a matter of 5-10 seconds if any time at all.

If you have any examples of this delay I would be really interested to get some info so that we can investigate why, specifically a requestId if you have one, but any info about these requests such as which appIds and tenantIds you are calling this API to get these fields for, would be great so we can check out what’s going on behind the scenes.

Thanks so much again for any info.

@nsher license.entitlementNumber and license.type are the 2 that we really need that are typically delayed. Without entitlement number, many of the other fields (e.g. license.type,, etc.) become a lot less useful.

I am fairly certain we are using the new billing system, we have moved away from SENs for our Cloud apps.

Let me talk to some developers in my org and see if I can get more concrete examples…

Thanks again @ClaudiaCanamasAppfir

Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been trying to track down concrete information here from a couple of sources,

The tl;dr though seems to be that a delay in this information for more than a matter of minutes is unusual, and we would love to have a requestId or other specific information around the calls themselves to try and figure out these cases.

For some more detail, while you may have moved away from SEN, which is excellent to hear, there are still tenants using the older billing system under the hood. This can impact the availability of licensing fields, as even though they will provide all licensing fields, the provisioning of them is still tied to the older system.

Either way, whether old or new, availability should still be within a matter of a few minutes, and while this should improve generally as more and more sites move to the new billing system, I would love to get some specific examples to be able to help further with this issue.

Hi @nsher ! Also apologies for the delayed reply, we had to turn on verbose logging to be able to get an example request ID for a call where we experienced a delay in license info becoming available.

Here’s the request ID: 54a58812-829e-40ca-a4f9-18370a3c5240

We identified it as a problematic request because the response was missing the license object altogether, unlike a typical response.

Other possibly relevant info is that this request was made by one of our Confluence Cloud apps, and the request time is 1698943278701 (Nov 2).

I hesitate to post the entire response since there is some customer info there (from the host object), but let me know if I need to provide more information.

As an aside, I would argue that even a delay of “a few minutes” is really quite large and highly detrimental to our analytics tracking. We cannot have the app hang while the info becomes available, and we are having to implement a resource-expensive retry method that runs in the background and continuously polls the API until we get a full response. I am not sure how to elevate this issue but I would highly encourage Atlassian to work on this!

(or, just include all the license info such as license status, license type, etc. in the /installed lifecycle callback like they started doing with entitlement_number recently, seen here: Licensing fields now available in Connect lifecycle event)