How often are new topics that get marked as spam reviewed?

My question got flagged as spam: Webhook events for issue changes use different url for user avatars. How often are those reviewed and un-blocked?


Normally, work daily. I’m usually here before 9AM Central and will unblock clear cases where our bot is over-aggressive. There is usually 1, sometimes up to 3. I think @bentley also unblocks spam daily.

Unfortunately, we have both been away from our normal routines with Team 22. We both had morning to evening booth duty and other meetings so we have not been normally attentive.

How long did you wait? Any suggestions about how we could prevent bottlenecks in spam management?

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:heavy_plus_sign: to what @ibuchanan said. We get a little red icon in the top right menu whenever there is something to review and I find it distracting enough that I try to knock it out as soon as I see it.

FWIW, under the hood is used for flagging stuff. It generally does a good job catching spam. There is also some built-in functionality that catches a lot of first-time users typing posts suspiciously quick.