How to allow user interactions with macro iframe in editor

My app provides a dynamic block macro. When adding the macro to a page in the Confluence editor, the macro is rendered in an iframe inside the editor. The iframe is covered with an extension-overlay element that prevents any user interaction with the macro. I would like to allow user interaction with my macro though.

This question has been asked before here, and feature request has been created as CONFCLOUD-70960, with no progress so far.

However, there seem to be several apps that provide macros where user interaction in the editor is possible. An example is Miro for Confluence Cloud. The DOM how the macro iframe is embedded in the editor is completely different than for my macro, and no extension-overlay is covering the macro.

I could not find any information about this in the Confluence docs. I also could not spot any obvious differences between the dynamic macro module of the Miro app compared to my app. How does the Miro app achieve this?

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