How to apply for marketplace test environment?

On Marketplace API Tutorial I have found information about Marteplace test environment.

Unfortunately example URL from that site ( does not work.

How can I apply for marketplace test environment so we could write application using marketplace API?

I would try

Thank you for your suggestions.

You’re welcome! Basically, the Marketplace Vendor support portal is the go-to place for requests to the Atlassian Marketplace team that are specific to your account, add-ons or in this case, participation of the Atlassian Marketplace Vendors benefits program.

Hi @bartlomiej.janczak,

That environment is only available to internal Atlassian developers, which is stated in the Readme file.

I don’t think there is an external facing Marketplace test instance, @jgaard do you know more about this?

It’s only for Atlassian folks, right above it - it says:

If you are an Atlassian developer using a test instance of the Marketplace server rather than the production server, set the environment variable MARKETPLACE_URL to the base URL of the test server, for instance:

Daniel is correct - the Marketplace staging instance is only accessible for Atlassian employees.

I updated the tutorial to use the term “Atlassian employee” instead of “Atlassian developer”, as there’s understandably some confusion on whether third-party vendor developers qualify as “Atlassian developers” in this context.

What a pity :frowning:

It would be great to set up test environment of the Marketplace.

If your purpose is to test your plugin, why not just privately list your plugin and install it on any of your testing account?