How to create GA goals on GA4 for button "Try it free"

Hello all. I would like to monitor conversion rate on implemention my app by users. But I don’t know how to make it on markeplace. Can I insert code inside marketplace page? Or I need to use another way?

Heyo @EvgeniyaZemlyanskaya !

The GA4 integration on the marketplace is handled on the Atlassian side and we have no control over it.

In your app pages details there is a field where you can put your GA4 ID to point to the GA4 instance you want to receive the data.

Then the events you will receive are listed on this page: Log in with Atlassian account

The link doesn’t work. Can you write it here. Or maybe resend link on another site.

You need to request access to the partner portal to access the page (and partner news in general).

I use old formula for GA event.
event name - click
event category - convert
cloud try button

This event has to track start trial my app. Right? But When I test it, I catch conversion with just click on my button. Do I right understand that this goal work just for cloud version? How can I monitor data center conversion? What code is correct?