How to develop plugin for Confluence 8?

I have a plugin run in Confluence 7, I want to make it run on Confluence 8, So I need upgrade from java 8 to java 11, there are some issues.

this link only supply tool for jdk1.8–verify-that-you-have-set-up-the-sdk-correctly

How can we upgrate to java 11?

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are there any updates on that issue?
We also have an Confluence app which supports Confluence 7 and want to move to Confluence 8.5 (the new LTS), but Confluence 8.5 needs minimum Java 11 and Atlassian SDK still only supports Java 8.

FYI, here we are using Atlassian SDK with Java 11 for multiple months without issue. I don’t remember exactly if we did anything specific to make it work.
I remember that we are not using the Maven provided by Atlassian SDK because it is too old, any recent Maven works fine. But I don’t remember if the upgrade of Maven was related to the JDK upgrade.

What is the error you encounter with JDK 11 ?

hi thanks for your response,

I just tested it, I was able to run the Atlassian SDK with Java 11 and build my plugin with it and the corrensponding maven artifact for confluence 8.