How to display content on an issue card in kanban

I’m creating an addon for jira cloud and would like to display a field on kanban cards in jira which shows the status of that card in my system. I’ve done a ton of research and tried a few things but can’t seem to find a way more than just plain text.

Ideally I’d like to display an icon & label text which links to the status in my system.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Wiki renderer for a custom field (works in various places but not on kanban cards as far as I can tell)
  • Glances (from the new jira issue view, seems like these are not yet supported)

I’ve also looked into custom renderers (which don’t seem to be supported in atlassian connect) and web-panels (there doesn’t seem to be one which renders inside of kanban cards).

Any ideas?

Hi @joshua,

When you say “on kanban cards” what do you mean? On the card when it’s on the border? In the detail view panel on the right side of the board?

I wouldn’t recommend a custom field unless you’re building the app for personal use only – it’s not possible to programmatically create custom fields via Atlassian Connect.

A web panel on the view issue page is probably the most flexible option for you to completely customize how your data looks, since it provides an iframe. These are not going to be visible on the card itself, but they are visible in the right side detail panel with the location. The right hand side panel will be replaced in the future by the new Jira issue view and the glances that you mentioned.

Wiki renderer is not available in Cloud. Another option is to use an Issue Field, but only plain text is supported.

I don’t think exactly what you seem to want to accomplish is currently possible, but hopefully this helps point you in the right direction.

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve already created a web panel on the side as you described and I’m using it for full display of the associated data, but would like to place a small amount of contextual info on each card so users can see at a glance (in summary form) what the status of each issue is.

I’m currently thinking of using labels or a plain text field to communicate this information, but would rather not clutter up the labels users see (hence the idea of using a custom field) and also I’d like to display an icon and or style the text for better user experience.

You mention that I can’t create custom fields via atlassian connect, however, if an admin creates the field I should be able to write to it, correct? I’d rather use a custom field to avoid cluttering up the built in label field.

Do you know if I use a custom field of type label if the labels can be styled (colorized)?

Hi Josua,

If it’s for display on a card on the agile board, it seems that a text customfield which contains HTML tags is rendered as HTML on the card. So you could dynamically create a customfield on the Jira instance and synch it with your cloud add-on’s data. The only drawback is that if the field is displayed on the issue then it will not be rendered with as HTML. It only seems to be working on a card. So, to sum it up, the string

<div style="background-color: red; color: white; font-weight: bold">Add-on Data</div>

will be rendered as “<div style=“background-color: red; color: white; font-weight: bold”>Add-on Data</div>” on the issue screen but as a red square with white bold text on the card.

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Thanks @yvesriel! I think that will work for my use case.

It would be great if Atlassian Connect had “read-only” issue fields for use cases like this one. There is an issue requesting this here: Please upvote.