How to find JIRA Cloud version?

It looks like the version number is well hidden now.

One of our customers showed us the new issue popup view on JIRA Software new experience but we cannot find it (we are on new experience too).

I suspect that customer has some newer version of JIRA than we have (I know that Atlassian rolls new versions in batch and not all customers use the same version).

Thank you for any hints.

Hi @jack,

This isn’t what’s happening. All JIRA Cloud customers will be on the exact same version of the software – however, we release almost all significant changes (especially any UI changes) behind feature flags that are progressively enabled to percentages of customers. It won’t be possible to consistently determine the status of certain features from the version number.

You can sign up to get more information about the new issue popup view here. We will also be sharing more information here on the developer community site asap.


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Thank you for explaining the release and “feature enabling” process.

Is this possible to enable new issue popup view on my development instance, e.g. through support request?


No only through the Google Form Dave linked to above and the development team will enable it to your instance manually. It’s in the very early stages of development at this point.

The Google Form title is “Connect Week Austin 2017” :slight_smile:

@dmeyer, @rwhitbeck,

I have created a new development Cloud instance and I’m stuck with that feature flag turned on (Dialog instead of right pane window in “Active Sprints” Board. Where can I ask it to be turned off? The provided link above has not been corrected and still points to the “Connect Week Austin 2017” form.


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Hi @yvesriel, you can disable it from your user profile page.

But that removes the entire “New Experience”. I just want to turn off the feature flag that opens, in the “Active Sprints” view, the issue details in a modal dialog. I want it to open in the left side panel like it always used to be.

On the user profile menu, there is a toggle specifically for the new Issue Details Experience:


Ha! Thanks a lot Dave!

What can I do if “Labs” section is not available on my Profile?

You’ll need to contact support. As the new issue details view will eventually be 100% rolled out as the single view of Jira issues, we are evaluating removing the opt-out option on some new Jira Cloud sites.

Thanks. I hope the new issue details view does (or will) contain web panels provided by the add-ons.